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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grandad's Lap

one of the best memories
that i hold
is as a three year old
climbing up on Grandad's lap
while he sat in the rocking chair

he'd wrap me up
in my favorite beach towel -
the pink one with seahorses on it -
and we'd rock

i don't remember
whether we talked or not
it really isn't important

what i do remember
is the security and love
and well being with the world
i felt as i sat there
with my Grandad
and we rocked

even now
it's that picture in my mind
sustaining me
as i bring my hurts
as well as my joys
to You
and climb up on Your lap
and from that perspective
learn what real security
and love are

(C) 1978 Kathy Jo Schramm

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