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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boomer Sooner

The Oklahoma Women's Basketball team plays at Colorado tonight.  I will be at the game.  I have been looking forward to the game since October when I checked the Colorado schedule and saw the date.  It will be a historic game in at least a couple of ways.  It will be the last time the two teams meet during the regular season as Colorado is moving to the Pac 10 (or Pac 12 or whatever it will be called) beginning next year.  It may be the last time I get to see the Oklahoma team play in person.  Although I will be cheering for Oklahoma, I must admit I have split loyalties.  I taught Army ROTC at both universities over the years.  I was a season ticket holder at both schools. I was at Colorado when they missed advancing to the Final Four by three points.  My first year at Oklahoma they did advance to the Final Four at San Antonio and I was there. Oklahoma has been back to the Final Four two times since then, while Colorado has struggled over the same time period to be competitive in the Big 12. My experience at both universities was positive, yet I know I will be cheering for the Sooners come tip off tonight.  Perhaps it is a human tendency to go with a winner. Oklahoma is a winner.  Colorado can be again, but I don't think it will be tonight, or even this season. And I will cheer for them in the future. But tonight is my night to be a Sooner in Colorado country.  Boomer Sooner, GO OU!

Post Script:  I was wrong in my prediction.  The CU women upset the OU women in a great game last night.  Could be the beginning of great things for the Buffs and first year coach, Linda Lappe.  It would be wonderful to see the CU women turn things around and return to the top 25 themselves in another year or two.

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