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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Battle of the Bobbin

The battle of the bobbin is over and I won! I actually sat down at "the machine" yesterday and read the instructions and created my first bobbin (in over 40 years).  I went on to mend a pair of my husband's athletic shorts with rather mediocre results.  I realized that it isn't using the sewing machine that intimidates me or makes me prefer to do many other things rather than sew.  What frustrates me is all the precision prep work. I now have a rekindled and even greater appreciation for the true seamstresses in my life.  I see the qualities that make them good seamstresses spill over into other things they do: patience, persistence,  commitment, generosity, vision. I don't have any ambition to so anything beyond simple mending, but who knows.  It certainly would do me good to develop more patience and persistence and a number of other qualities.

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